1. Description

Humanities and Social Sciences

Directors make many of the creative decisions that bring a dramatic production to life. They have a part in almost every aspect of producing a play, film, or TV program. They must be creative artists as well as knowledgeable technicians. Active onstage and behind the scenes, they interpret scripts, communicate their vision to set and costume designers, audition and select cast members, manage rehearsals, and coach actors.

Directors work closely with actors, designers, choreographers, and playwrights to manage the planning and production of theatrical works, including plays, films, musicals, and TV programs.

Did You Know?

Because directing jobs can be few and far between, many directors have jobs in other fields to pay the bills.

Are You Ready To...?

  • Interpret scripts
  • See your artistic vision come to life onstage
  • Communicate your vision to everyone from producers to actors
  • Work evenings and weekends
  • Compete for jobs with many other talented directors
  • Move to where the jobs are -- mainly New York City and Los Angeles

It Helps To Be...

Creative, organized, good with people, patient, determined, and able to deal with rejection.

Make High School Count

  • Immerse yourself in the world of the stage and observe directors in action. Help out in high school and local theater productions as an assistant director, stage manager, assistant stage manager, or stage crew.
  • Take drama and theater classes at your high school. If these classes are not offered, look into taking acting classes at a community center.
  • Build excellent analytical skills in English. Interpreting the script is a central directing task.
  • Act, dance, and sing in high school productions.
  • Perform with local community theater groups.
  • Attend acting camp or summer workshops for aspiring directors.

Did You Know?

Many directors belong to labor unions. These include the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society and the Directors Guild of America, for film and TV directors.