Last updated December 31, 2014

Before any building is constructed, it exists in the mind’s eye of an architect. Architects design buildings in which people work, worship, play, and conduct the countless other activities of their lives.

Consider the building you’re in right now. Where are the windows placed? What materials were used to construct the building? How does the structure sit on the site it occupies? What style of architecture is used? And how do people use the building? The building’s architect once considered all these same questions.

Architects design buildings and oversee their construction.

Did You Know?

An architect or an architectural firm often specializes in particular types of buildings, such as homes, schools, or airports.

Are You Ready To...?

  • Work long hours under deadline
  • Produce designs based on client needs
  • Create detailed blueprints and models
  • Choose building materials
  • Work within budgets
  • Know about building codes and zoning restrictions
  • Supervise construction at noisy, dusty, busy sites
  • Hold many meetings with clients, engineers, and others

It Helps To Be...

Creative and artistic but also very attentive to detail and able to communicate well.

Make High School Count

  • Get a good foundation in art and design. 
  • Do your best in math and physics. Try to get in a year of calculus.
  • Read architectural magazines to build your knowledge of architectural styles, building types, materials, and trends in the industry.
  • Take architectural tours in your area or while on vacation.
  • Consider interning or working with an architecture or construction firm.

Did You Know?

In some firms, different architects specialize in distinct stages of development and construction