Types of Students during Exam

Sristi Nyaupane

November 14, 2019
Last updated July 15, 2021
Types of Students during Exam

Exam is a test that explores patience, seriousness, IQ, mental state, skills, and knowledge of the students.   It is also an occasion where one can witness amusing and noteworthy activities of the students. Students take a lot of pressure over a single piece of paper in exam. For some it's a competition, for some it's a dreadful headache, while for others it's a goofy time.

Here are some of the different types of students in exam hall we all have seen:

1) The Borrower

This student comes into the exam hall without any materials. From the beginning of the exam to the end, he borrows pen, pencil, ruler, calculator etc. After using the stuff, he forgets about the things he borrowed and won't return unless you ask for it. He is also one of the messy students, so be prepared to get damaged goods back to you. 

2) The Asker 

This student asks all different sorts of questions to the invigilator (even the basic ones he knows answers to). He can also be taken as an attention seeker. He often has queries related to the questions and frequently wants to know the time. He never knows the date and he'll be asking it out loud. He requests assistance to fill the details in the first page of the answer sheet. He makes sure he doesn't forget to ask the invigilator for a bottle of water. Basically, he annoys everyone in the room by talking all the time.

3) Life Saver

This student is a guardian angel. He helps everybody with their answers every time he is asked. He is seen teaching others before the exam begins as well. He is admired by all, and he is worshiped like a god during exam. He is happy to be of help and acts like he is the genius one in the room. Sadly sometimes in the end, he has to rush through finishing his own answers because he spent his time being a saint.

4) The Nerd

This student has no time for anything else except scoring the highest in the exam. He will pretend to be deaf and mute while filling the answer sheet. He will also be the one adding extra answer sheets frequently. He will also make sure that he is covering his answer perfectly, so nobody can sneak in. All other students ignore him during the exam because they know that he is not going to help. Others secretly wish to be like him during the exam day. He is also most praised by the teachers.

5) The Troll

This student knows most of the answers, but when others ask, he always gives the wrong answers. He channels his inner evil, and wants everyone else to fail or score lower than him. He is also the class bully at times.  He laughs the loudest when teachers crack some jokes in the classroom. He also has an extensive collection of memes on his computer. His aim in life is to be a meme lord.

6) The Quitter

This student gives up immediately after receiving the question paper. He just wants to get out of the exam hall as soon as possible. He thinks he is perfect and doesn't need exam to evaluate his learning. He is seen to be chewing on his pen, seeming clueless and daydreaming. Even after two hours, all he has on his answer sheet is his name, or barely few lines. He is made fun of by the invigilator when caught.

7) Noob Cheater

This student is the poorest academically. He spends more time writing cheats than studying. His cheats are small pieces of papers that he stuffs inside his pocket.  He sometimes takes out a book during exam, or looks into his cell phone.  He is almost always caught by the invigilator because of his poor cheating skills. He responds two ways after being caught either he stays dormant and curses his luck or shows anger issues by verbally engaging in argument with the invigilator. If luckily he is not caught, then he still fails because his copied answers don’t make any sense.

8) Pro Cheater

This student has high confidence when it comes to cheating. He finds out the way to cheat no matter how strict the invigilator is. He can even dodge the CCTV and roaming multiple invigilators throughout the room. He has advanced skills of copying another's answer sheet from across the room. He never does well in the classroom, but always scores well in every exam. He is very creative with cheats and has cheats all over him, some inked as tattoos on his chest and arms. He heard a motivator speaker somewhere saying "work smart, not hard".

9) The Flirt

This student enters the exam hall and looks around if there is any empty seat near beautiful girls, and shamelessly sits there.  He tries to make small talks and conversations to get closer to the girl he is sitting next to. He is also the loudest in the room. He tries to be funny all the time trying to impress the girl. He spends entire time to teach her all the answer and ultimately fails his own exam.


Students have their own ways to deal with the exams. Most often they forget that performing well in exam is always the goal. The result doesn't matter as long as they gave it their best shot and learned something in the process.

Do you fall under any of the category? Are there more types of students besides this, which you can think of? If so, let us know. Share this with your friends if you enjoyed reading "Types of Students during Exam"!