How to Apply for Transcript of Pokhara University


April 05, 2021
Last updated July 28, 2021
How to Apply for Transcript of Pokhara University

A Transcript is documentation of a student's permanent academic record, which usually means all courses taken, all grades received, all honors received, and degrees conferred to a student. Here are the steps to apply for the Transcript of Pokhara University:

1. To apply for a Transcript, the applicant must submit an additional detailed form approved by the head of the concerned institution along with a copy of all grade sheets, a copy of the Pokhara University Registration card, and a copy of the citizenship card.

2. All the required information must be filled up clearly. The applicant shall be responsible for any delay in procuring documents due to incomplete or incorrect information.

3. Applicant must submit a Bank voucher of the required amount deposited in Pokhara University's official saving account.

4. Normally documents will be delivered after 15 days of the applicant registration at the Office of the Controller of Examination.

5. Applicant must be present with the fee paid memo and legitimate identity card or citizenship card for receiving the documents or otherwise one could assign his/her representative with clear written consent.

6. Duplicate of the document will be provided after receiving the required fee (as original) and missing proofs (notice on 'A' grade national daily newspaper) of the previous document. In case of missing the degree certificate, only a provisional certificate will be provided after receiving sufficient missing proofs and the required fee.

7. The applicant will have to submit a copy of the transcript to apply for any other documents after the transcript has been released. For the degree certificate applicant must submit 2 (two) copies of recent passport size photographs. 

8. Students will be issued a Provisional certificate only if the Degree certificate is not issued. However, there will be no provisional certificates given to the students after the convocation.

9. To apply for an official copy the applicant should submit a photocopy of the respective documents along with the original copy and the required fee.

10. Application form will be available at i) office of the Controller of Examinations, Lekhnath- 12 Dhungepatan, Kaski ii) Liaison office, Kathmandu iii) can be downloaded from the university’s website. 

Note: The document cost, terms, and conditions mentioned above are in force as of December 16, 2010. Pokhara University reserves the right to amend any provisions or conditions found in this form at any time without prior notice.