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Education Budget Trend in Nepal 2070-2080

May 30, 2023
Last updated June 02, 2023
Education Budget Trend in Nepal 2070-2080
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Despite a decrease in the overall national budget compared to the previous year, there has been a notable increase in the allocation for education. Specifically, the education budget has experienced a growth of 910 million rupees when compared to the current year, signifying a 0.32% increase. In the current fiscal year, education was allocated 10.98% of the budget, whereas for the next fiscal year, the government has set aside 11.27%. The total budget for the upcoming year amounts to NRs. 1.75 trillion, out of which NRs. 196.89 billon has been earmarked for education.

The government had set aside a total budget of NRs.1.79 trillion for the ongoing fiscal year. However, in the budget speech for the next fiscal year, it was announced that there would be a reduction of Nrs.57.48 billion in the allocated funds compared to the current year. Nevertheless, for the current fiscal year, an amount of NRs. 196.89 billion was allocated, which accounts for 10.98 percent of the total budget.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that the education sector received a significant increase in funding, surpassing the previous year's allocation by more than NRs.24.67 billion in the current fiscal year.

Likewise, during the fiscal year 2078-79, when the overall budget was allocated at NRs.1.64 trillion, the education sector received an allocation of NRs. 180.04 billion. This marked an increase of NRs.7.95 billion compared to the previous year's budget allocation

Year BS Total Budget Budget on Educational Sector Percentage
2080/81 17,51,31,00,00,000 1,97,28,00,00,000 11.27
2079/80 17,93,83,73,00,000 1,96,89,31,00,000 10.98
2078/79 16,47,57,67,00,000 1,80,04,11,00,000 10.93
2077/78 14,74,64,54,00,000 1,72,19,22,00,000 11.68
2076/77 15,32,96,71,00,000 1,63,75,59,00,000 10.69
2075/76 13,15,16,17,00,000 1,34,18,75,00,000 10.21
2074/75 12,78,99,48,55,000 66,12,44,16,000 5.18
2073/74 10,48,92,13,54,000 1,16,36,06,49,000 11.1
2072/73 8,19,46,88,84,000 98,64,28,26,000 12,04
2071/72 6,18,10,00,00,000 86,03,40,55,000 13.92
2070/71 5,17,24,00,00,000 80,95,80,80,000 15.66

Likewise, during the fiscal year 2077-78, the government earmarked NRs.172.19 billion for education out of a total budget of NRs.1.475 trillion. In the previous fiscal year, 2076-77, the overall budget amounted to NRs.1.53 trillion, with NRs.163.75 billion specifically allocated for education. It is worth noting that in 2075-76, the total budget was NRs.1.315 trillion, and NRs.134.19 billion was designated for education.

Similarly, during the fiscal year 2074-75, the total budget amounted to NRs.1.279 trillion, with NRs.66.12 billion allocated specifically for education. Consequently, in 2073-74, the overall budget reached NRs.1.049 trillion, out of which NRs.116.36 billion was earmarked for education.

During the fiscal year 2072-73, the total budget amounted to NRs.819.47 billion, with NRs.98.64 billion specifically allocated for education. Similarly, in 2071-72, the overall budget reached NRs.618.10 billion, out of which NRs.86.03 billion was earmarked for education. Additionally, in 2070-71, the total budget was NRs.517.24 billion, with NRs.80.96 billion allocated to education.

Examining the data over the past decade, it becomes apparent that although the percentage of the total budget allocated to education may seem to decline as the years go by, the actual amount allocated to the education sector has consistently increased over time. In the initial year of the decade, 2070-71, the education sector received 15.66% of the total budget. However, by 2080-81, this allocation had reduced to 11.27% in terms of percentage, while the actual amount assigned to education had experienced a significant increase.

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