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Download Preeti Font


January 28, 2021
Last updated February 10, 2022
KMC Lalitpur

Click here to download the Preeti font.

Preeti font is one of the first computer fonts made for the Nepali language. It was designed and created by Ajay Mishra (1952-2011 AD), son of Bhadrakali Mishra (1920-2006 AD). The metadata of the font file of Preeti Font suggests that it was created in 1993 AD using the font editing tool Fontographer 3.5. Since then, it has been widely used by typists in various sectors including governmental organizations, legal institutes, publishers, and media. It has become the primary choice for Nepali font.

Preeti vs Unicode

But, what is a font?

A font is a set of characters designed with the same size, pitch, and spacing. It serves a purpose to maintain the universality of how typefaces are represented digitally on various platforms. One of such fonts is the Preeti Font.

Preview of Preeti Font

Font Size: 24pt
Font Name: Preeti

If you, too, want to install the Preeti font on your computer, you can download the font from the link down below, and then install and use it. 

Click here to download the Preeti font.

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