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July 15, 2021
Last updated May 10, 2023

Want us to help you to reach prospective students or want to build a strong online presence in the exponentially growing education website of Nepal? send us an email with your requirements at, our marketing department will guide you to devise the best method to reach prospective students. 

Why advertise in Edusanjal?

Long gone are the days when colleges depended only on brochures and seminars to attract students. Many of the colleges now devote large chunks of their websites to grab the attention of the students. But Students won’t visit every college’s website just to find their ideal course, and with Edusanjal they don’t have to!

In, users can search through all the programs available in Nepal by location, keyword, and subject area. Here at Edusanjal, we bring together all the study opportunities from all the colleges and universities operating in Nepal into one central, searchable database.

In recognition of the increase in online usage recorded in our country, we have developed sophisticated online advertising options to ensure that your promotions are seen by a wide audience of professionals, guardians, and targeted students directly interested in the course/program you are offering.
We can offer you a variety of advertising options to meet your needs, so, don’t miss out if you’re not listed, they might not find you.

  1. is the only and largest Nepalese database of all the courses offered in Nepal, colleges, and universities operating in Nepal.
  2. is the major attraction of a large number of prospective students you are searching for the right college/course.
  3. We offer attractive rates and a flexible pricing model, allowing you to decide how to spread impressions over time. will work together with you to meet your specific needs, offering you the flexibility and functionality that you expect.

Main advertisements served by Edusanjal


Being a member of For member colleges, we will host full detailed content of the college, verified (badge) in the profile, and very attractive packages on yearly basis.


We post limited banners on the site on a weekly/monthly basis.

Other advertising Options

Advertising Jobs, admissions notice, Training programs, or events.

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Please consult with our sales team and ask for a quotation about the price, size, and placement of the advertisement.
Every email delivered to will be responded to within 24 hours.
Call us: 01-4155052/9849038845
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