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St. Lawrence is a co-educational college established in 1997 A.D., in a prime location of Chabahil, Pipalbot, Kathmandu, with a view to impart quality education in the nation. Our focus is primarily on the intellectual development and academic excellence of the students. Through its curriculum, teaching methodology, campus life and extra curricular activities, it stimulates students critical thinking and heightens their moral sensitivity. It encourages them to be seekers of truth, responsible and knowledgeable citizen of the world, facing tough competition posed by the fast-growing advancement of science and technology. St. Lawrence College also promotes growth in self-discipline which enables the making of life choices. An education at St. Lawrence College fosters a gradual awakening of service to and sacrifice for others.

Students at St. Lawrence College are accepted as active inquirers who desire to develop their capacities to think and to learn. Further more, our newly refurbished college building is fully equipped to cater for our students ' needs, providing a positive learning environment.

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St. Lawrence College
PO Box: 1221, Chabahil, Pipalbot

Kathmandu, Nepal


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