Faculty requirement in KFA Business School

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KFA Business School runs BHM and MBA programs and works in the field of structured Banking Training Programs, Workshops & seminars to suit the requirements of diverse Financial Institutions and Corporates as well as non-corporate participant, innovative and unique ‘learning methodologies’ with ‘Dual Faculty System (DFS) and management-consulting which serves leading businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations.

KFA is seeking for qualified candidates for the various posts and invites applications from the qualified professionals. The professionals should be from sectors such as the manufacturing and service. The interested candidates are requested to submit the ‘letter of Intent’ to the KFA Business School. Selected candidates will collaborate with the Academic Professors to teach the following subjects:

  1. Retail management
  2. Business Economics
  3. Business Accounting and Finance
  4. SPSS

Basic Eligibility:  Experience of more than 5 years in managerial positions.

How to apply?

Send your updated CV and letter of intent to placement@kfaltd.com

Deadline for application: 19th March, 2018

For further information:

KFA Building, Mid-baneshwar, Kathmandu

Phone: 01-4491414

E-mail: info@kfaltd.com