EHE European University, EurAka, Switzerland

Therwil, Switzerland

Salient Features

Officially approved private Swiss University

Accredited and certified by the Accreditation-Certification-Conference (ACC) for Holistic Quality Management System

Campuses and specialist knowledge centres in Switzerland and Germany

Official Degree and Research Degree Awarding Powers

University Institutes comprising

  1. Economy
  2. Technological Sciences/ Engineering
  3. Integral Medicine

Degrees are part of the Process of Harmonisation of Higher Education in Europe according to DIN EN ISO / IEC

17024 and are awarding ECTS Credits

Bachelor - Master’s - Doctoral Studies (PhD and DBA)

Advanced Member and Signatory of the United Nation’s PRME Framework

Institutional Member of the European Council of Business Education (ECBE)

Additional offer of the personal ISO 17024 Certification embedded into programmes of studies

Multinational faculty of internationally acknowledged professors

First tier research activities having attracted substantial research funds from governments and industry

Close academic collaboration (teaching and research) with renowned public and private Universities from various countries all around the world

Permanent consultancy for global corporations. 

  • +41 61 511 89-05


The E.H.E. Europa Hochschule EurAka CH, internationally known as the private European University EurAka Switzerland, is an independent and private University for integral medicine, technology, and economics. 

The E.H.E. EurAka is situated in Therwil (Switzerland) and legalised by the Swiss Federal Republic and the Canton Basel-Landschaft as private University.

The status of the private EurAka University is officially confirmed as ‘non-contributory private institution’ according to the Swiss Higher Education Act (HFKG). The E.H.E. EurAka is officially approved to award Swiss Bachelor, Master’s, and doctoral degrees. The E.H.E. EurAka was constituted in 1985. 

The University provides national and international research and programmes of studies in the fields of Integral Medicine, Technological Sciences, and Business Sciences. The E.H.E. EurAka research, especially in technology and engineering, owns highest international reputation and attracts significant research funding from global  corporations and European Governments. 

Upon recommendation by the State-Council of the Swiss Republic and the Canton Ticino, the E.H.E. EurAka has received official Degree Awarding Powers in the year 2000. The status of Degree and Research Degree Awarding Powers was re approved by the country’s various regulatory authorities in 2006, such as the Dipartimento della cultura e dell' educazione dello Sport, Ticino, and by the Canton Basel-Landschaft in 2016. 

They concluded that the E.H.E. Europa Hochschule EurAka CH is fully aligned with the laws of Switzerland and thus officially approved as Swiss “Hochschule on the level of University”. Switzerland itself is aligned with the so-called Bologna Process of the European Union making Degrees of the University cognate across Europe and beyond. Hence, the University awards Degrees with ECTS credits.

The E.H.E. EurAka has appointed national centres, which, as our Accredited Partner Institutes, are entrusted with the delivery of
the E.H.E. EurAka’s academic programmes in Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

These international programmes of studies are taught in English language. In addition, the E.H.E. EurAka has entered a variety of
academic partnerships with prestigious Universities around the globe. These many collaborations comprise Partner Universities
from Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Far-East. These academic partnerships are complemented by further ones with
the industry.

The innovative programmes of the E.H.E. EurAka fulfil both academic needs and industry-orientation for the improvement of
graduates’ attractiveness on global job markets meeting the official demand for Employability Impact this way.