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SANN International Secondary School is located in Gairidhara, Kathmandu and with affiliation from NEB it offers plus two program in Science and Management (Hotel Management). Originated in 1989 AD., SANN is a dynamic learning and research center, which focused in the field of society, culture and history of Nepal in the past.

In 2000, it turned into a modern academic institution known as SANN International Secondary School. It has developed into a multi-faceted institutions during the years with variety of academy programs and research. 

It also works in collaboration with various universities across the globe especially for curriculum, faculty & student exchange.

The main purpose behind its establishment was to provide Nepalese students with quality education at the level of international standard. In order to achieve this target, it provides a world class learning facilities in a competitive but student-friendly atmosphere.

The school offers specialized courses in Management and Science streams at the plus 2 level ( Grade XI and XII) for highly motivated young people with a strong record of high school success who have determined that a career in the sciences or in the world of business and management is the right path for their future. The programs are housed at the centrally located Gairidhara, Kathmandu.

Courses Offered

  1. Science
  2. Management
  3. Hotel Management
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Salient features

The “work hard, play hard” ethos is alive and well at SANN. Inside the classroom, our students work hard to gain the knowledge and skills they will use in their future careers. Outside the classroom, they stay fit at the recreation center, make friends in intramural sports and compete in various sports competition organised by different colleges and universities across the country.

Social welfare Club
The club provides members with the opportunity to experience the real world of human suffering, struggle and happiness.

Environment club
Environment club is a student run club that drives environment friendly projects, Besides it promotes awareness about the value of the mother earth.

Adventure Club
It aims to expose students to the vastness of nature and encourages them to challenge the natural mysteries. Adventurous activities help students to learn to think critically, identify risk and make sound decision to tackle unexpected circumstances.

School of art and aesthetics
This school engages with college as a creative centre for art and aesthetics. It cultivates art works. music, dance and other creative activities.It recognizes the diversity of students and organizes various programs for recreation, interaction and collaboration.

SANN@Beauty Industry
Beauty Industry is one of the fastest growing areas where today youngsters aspire to choose career. SANN motivates new generation to explore this platform to unfold the talent, beauty and self dignity.

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Admission guidelines

  1. +2 Science: Students securing at least B+ grade in SEE or in an equivalent recognized Board with B+ grade each in Science, Compulsory Mathematics, Optional Mathematics and English will be eligible for Science Stream.
  2. +2 Management: Students securing at least C+ grade in SEE and B grade each in English and Mathematics will be eligible for Management stream.

Message from College

Subhash Ghimire picture

Dr. Subhash Ghimire


Welcome to SANN International College. It is both an honor and privilege to welcome you all to this amazing community. You may be wondering if you have made a right choice by selecting SANN. You bet, you have also broadened your prospective to be a part of the academic community that is always striving for excellence. In fact, I can assure each and every one of you that you are here because you deserve to be and because you can bring something new and exciting to this diverse learning community. So, welcome once again! I have realized that my dream to contribute to holistic education in SANN to help the students grow into morally responsible citizens has been materialized to a great extent. Our concern for promoting social, cultural, spiritual, intellectual and physical aspects of the pupils has been a milestone for educating the students holistically. The dedicated faculty members/staffs, systematized management and readiness to adapt to changes have prepared us to deliver
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