Purnachandi Boarding Secondary School (PUBOSS)

Kumaripati,, Lalitpur




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Purnachandi Boarding Secondary School (PUBOSS) is located at Kumaripati, Lalitpur. The school was founded in 2037 B.S. and has been offering quality education since it's very inception. Purnachandi Boarding School upgraded as PUBOSS (Purnachandi Boarding Secondary School) in 2066 B.S. Currently, Purnachandi Boarding Secondary School (PUBOSS) offers classes from Nursery to Grade 12. The School offers Plus Two programs in Science, Management and Humanities under the affiliation of National Examination Board (NEB).

The school provides a valuable education, assuring that every student may have the best possible opportunity to develop talent/skill and to achieve a successful career. Purnachandi Boarding Secondary School is one of the progressive college in Kathmandu valley with the wide range of subjects, professional classes with dedicated and veteran teachers and a breadth of competition that encourages the development of excellence. 

The goal of the school is to produce creative, well qualified, confident and dedicated personnel who can better understand the duties and responsibilities to be a god citizen in modern society. The aim of institute allows students to explore their academic curricular and extra curricular activities as well as their personal potentials. 


Purnachandi Boarding Secondary School (PUBOSS) envisions to ignite mind and creativity in the students, a love of learning and incessant development. We make the learning process an enjoyable and responsible experience with will to develop higher sense of self-esteem and responsibility in the students.


Purnachandi Boarding Secondary School (PUBOSS) offers its students with holistic education by nurturing self-reliance, self discipline, critical thinking, inventiveness, creativity that will encourage in them as responsibility, to make a positive difference in the lives of others through their own actions and example.

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