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Prime International Secondary School is located at Khusibun, Nayabazar. The academy has two modern buildings equipped with fully furnished spacious classrooms and state-of-the-art amenities.

The Prime faculty is a team of distinguished researchers, scholars and experts. It offers world-class academic programs supplemented with co-curricular activities such as debate, public speaking, social welfare, event organizing, as well as inter school activities helping students to grow and prosper in every aspect.

The courses offered in Prime International School are blended with theory and practice that ensure maximum productivity and global competency in our students. Teaching and non-teaching staff  at Prime offers full and on-going support to make sure our students achieve their ambition and grow into competitive and socially responsible graduates as envisioned by the school.

In Prime International Secondary School there is structural curriculum, with adequate environment and materials for the growth of students. The school encourages and believes in open minded philosophy.

The school also exposes students to physical and educational landscape to enable children to have fun and explore, but at the same time not forgetting the environmental and social needs. Students will have the opportunity to build life and relationship connection with the world and vast knowledge at their own pace and freedom, through nature.

Along with the academic theories and knowledge which are the key elements in mainstream education, practical education is also emphasized. Students will gain opportunity to develop balanced level of confidence and self-competency that will carry with them through their life.

Prime International Secondary School caters to students who learn best in an active applied learning environment, where conceptual understandings and transference of disciplinary content knowledge and skills are fostered through cognitively demanding hands-on applications set in real world situations.

The school aims to equip students with the skills and competencies crucial for success in the 21st century and nurture the values-driven and community-responsible person and leader. The school's emphasis on non-academic curricular ensures the cultivation of necessary life skills such as resilience, responsible risk-taking, innovation and entrepreneurial mindset, efficient teamwork and communication, and dynamic leadership.


Prime International School would be an exemplary center of educational excellence and a dynamic institution of learning in the filed of school education in Nepal. It will be a safe place having a pleasant academic environment. 


being guided by its vision Prime will enable its students to be successful in the real life situation when they enter into the world of work. They would be good citizens of the country equipped with qualities to be job creators rather than job seekers in Nepal and abroad. 

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Salient features

  1. Pleasant and conducive learning environment 
  2. Worldwide partners such as Nepal Research and Educational Network (NREN), US-based CISCO CCNA program, Pune Institute of Business Management (PIBM), IT Policy Program (ITPP), Seol National University of Korea and so on. 
  3. Modern Computer lab for Students 
  4. School Library with varieties of large stocked books
  5. Engaging students in various civic and social causes 
  6. Educational tours for students

Scholarship information

1. Academic Merit Based Scholarship

Category 1.SEE GPA3.7 and above100% (except practical and exam fees)
Category 2.SEE GPA3.4 - below 3.760% (on registration and monthly only)
Category 3.SEE GPA3.1 - below 3.440% (on registration and monthly fees only)
Category 4.SEE GPA2.8 - below 3.125% (on registration and monthly fees only

The scholarship is offered from 25%to 100% on monthly fees together with other rewards for high achievers both in academic and co-curricular fronts such as sports. 

The SEE GPA decides the scholarship for the 1st 4 months the 1st Semester Exam result decides the scholarship for the 2nd four months and the 2nd Semester Exam determines the scholarship in the last 4 months. There are NEB recommended scholarships as well.   

2. National Examinations Board Recommended Scholarship

There will be some scholarships to students having weak socio-economic backgrounds and from remote parts of Nepal based on their minimum academic standard ascertained by the National Examinations Board, Nepal. 
  • 100% (except practical and exam fees)
  • 60% (on registration and monthly only)
  • 40% (on registration and monthly fees only)
  • 25% (on registration and monthly fees only)

Students should also maintain their standards required by the school at minimum level. i.e. GPA. 

3. Scholarship for Outstanding Students in Co-curricular programs.

There will be 10 scholarships for outstanding students in co-curricular activities such as sports, arts, quiz, and debate and so on. The minimum academic standard required would be GPA 2.8. The awarding of this scholarship would be decided by the Executive Committee of the school.

4. Subsidy for Staff Children

The staff children will get the subsidy as decided by the Executive Committee of the school. The academic standard, however, will not be less than GPA 2.8.

5. Others:

There may be some other cases to be directly considered by the BOD for subsidy/scholarships.

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