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Metro Secondary School is located in mid of capital city at New Baneshwor has been standing for the quality education, discipline, noble ideas, and the ideas which can be imparted to the students in their growing age. It will enharden the students in orders to achieve their golden future.

It is the challenge of our college not to let the troubled students confused into the aimless way. Metro, therefore dares to walk along the new generation to their radiance future.

Our goal is to increase the production of creative individual who are able to perform unique labor for their destinations & they country beyond the common level. We instruct the students only after a relaxed atmosphere. We guide them for the physical and mental health. We offer all the students who have hidden talents and curiosity in the quality education to scratch our mould of institutional motif.

Why Metro?
We undoubtedly announce to join us into the recommended programme held by higher secondary board for +2 levels. Our products are now being successful in their field that makes Metro family feel proud and thus summons you to join our family for your fruitful and successful future. We pay all the more attention to the selections of teachers so the college becomes a strong institution.

Our teachers adhere to the institution's discipline and moral standards. They are not given to vices, who regard teaching more as a service than as a means of business. We rather focus on the teachers who are able to serve the primary ideal of respecting hard work and feeling responsible for the country's future.

Code of Conduct

All the responsible parents can trust us becausewe keep an eye on each student admitted in this college.Students mustfollow the existing rulesand regulations of thecollege. They must attend their classes regularly and attendancemustbe maintained strictly before startingtheclass hours and after the last class hours. They must wear college unifrorm properly. Violation of any of them is subject to punishment.

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Metro Secondary School

Thapagaun, New Baneshwor
Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal

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