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Manakamana Secondary School (MHSS) is a non-profit co-educational Secondary School affiliated to the National Examination Board, (NEB) Government of Nepal, is run jointly by Manakamana English Secondary Boarding School and Private Boarding Schools' Forum, Jorpati.

MHSS, a community based institution, is committed to the high level of modern institutional approaches and fundamental traits of education that build up a competent individual endowed with honesty, compassion, courage, persistence and responsibility along with a modern vision of conceptual and scientific reasoning.

Located at peaceful and panoramic side of Gokarna Forest, in the east of Kathmandu, MHSS is an extension to Manakamana English Secondary School, undoubtedly a milestone in the field of imparting outstanding academic performance since 2038 B.S.

MHSS aspires to become a core of academic eminence for the young students who come up with a hope of attaining poly roles as indispensable citizens. Besides, MHSS is determined to substantiate essence education to build a solid base for Higher Education in a calm and cordial environment stimulating students to grasp and identify the challenges they face.

Contact Address

Mankamana H S School/Jaya Multiple Campus
P.O.Box: 3798
Jorpati-7, Kathmandu

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