Liverpool International College

New Baneshwor, Kathmandu


Liverpool International College was established to fill the dearth of an educational institute what could offer quality education to deserving students of the country. Hence Liverpool International Education Network lays emphasis on technology in higher studies as an important teaching tool and promotes friendly teaching environment. By exposing students to experts in different fields. Liver Pool International Education Network claims to be preparing job creators rather than job seekers.

Liverpool International College is the first institute to introduce the concept of Math Laboratory. LEN has a separate information centre with up-to-date record on each student. This information is available on the web with high security options and accessible only to respective parents. The college has also adapted individual smart card system to record attendance and for students to utilize library facility. Along with well stocked library with e-library facilities and internet browsing.It has laboratories equipped with multi-media projectors.

The Liverpool International Education faculty comprises of highly qualified and experienced personnel with proven educational background from renowned colleges and universities. Liverpool International Education Network claim that their faculty keeps abreast with modern teaching pedagogues and deliver their lectures using multimedia and visual aids, besides white boards in the class rooms.


Milton International College
  • New Baneshwor, Kathmandu