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Balkhu, Kathmandu
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Salient Features


The college has got State-of-the-art computer, physics, hardware, and digital labs for easy and free broadband internet to enhance the deep learning of the technology. Fully equipped separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology Hotel Mgmt. and Computer with 24 hours broadband internet facility 


To enhance an efficient and holistic teaching/ learning process, the college has a Library along with course books, reference books, Journals, famous literary books, etc.

Sports/ Playground

Besides sound and continual learning, BernHardt encourages students to spend some of their time away from the textual world on different extracurricular activities, too. The college organizes Sports Week, Intra and Inter College Sports Tourney which helps students to facilitate them to know their friends of different streams and batches so that they can spend memorable and quality time together.


The college owns an independent spacious cafeteria where our students can get the hot and hygienic brunch during the Interval in the cafeteria also adds students’ attractions.


The college provides the facility of Transportation for the convenience of the students in a specific location. For further details, please contact Transportation Department.

Field Trips

The college offers educational excursions, both inside and outside the valley to broaden the horizon of the student's experience and education.


Needy students are given special attention if they need any counseling or therapeutic intervention to help them attain a balance in their lives.

Admission Guidelines

The school has adopted the following norms as the admission requirements:

+2 Programs:

Science Stream:

  • Completed SEE or its equivalent examinations from a recognized board securing a minimum 2.6 GPA.

Management & Humanities Stream:

  • SEE passed or its equivalent examinations from a recognized board securing a minimum 2 GPA.

Assessment Testing:

The admission committee scrutinizes all the applications. The college then conducts admission tests. Finally, students are considered for registration on the basis of marks obtained in SEE, entrance test, and interview.

However, the college reserves the right of acceptance or denial of enrollment or registration of any student in any stream. 


The college facilitates its high achiever students for showing their sound and regular studies by offering number of scholarships to deserving ones besides annual fees on easy installments policy. College offers such scholarship to encourage students to pursue and achieve more on their academics.

Students are highly encouraged to contact our information desk for further information about available scholarships.

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Kathmandu BernHardt College
Kathmandu BernHardt College
  • Bafal, Kalanki, Kathmandu

About Us

Kathmandu BernHardt Secondary School is located in Balkhu, Kathmandu. With affiliation from NEB, it offers plus two programs in Science and Management. It is a unique institution designed to disseminate quality education to students. 

Enriched with nearly three decades of experience in the field of education beginning right from school level to Bachelor level with a wonderful and meaningful contribution to the society have proven it as a center of educational excellence as well as one of the foremost education institutions in Kathmandu. 

Considering education as a lifetime investment, Kathmandu BernHardt Secondary School is dedicated to providing management, humanities, and science & technology education with its pedagogy of mixing university syllabus with modern technology to budding professionals. 

From its inception, together with furnished and comfortable classrooms, a fully equipped library with books and journals and ample learning opportunities, and suitable academic programs in its own corporate building, the college enjoys full support and patronage of the parents, well-wishers, and students.

Kathmandu BernHardt Secondary School is well aware of the fact that true education must not limit itself to completion of syllabus or acquisition of a Degree. It should, instead, aim at the development of the complete individual, who can lead humanity on a road of continuous achievement. 

The college believes that each student possesses a unique combination of multiple intelligence and qualities. Students differ in their preference for individual learning styles so, at Kathmandu BernHardt Secondary School, the delivery methodology is student-centered and includes active, experiential, supportive, and participatory learning activities.

Together with faculty members having substantial academic and industry experiences with a flair for teaching, students at the Kathmandu BernHardt Secondary School are provided with the best possible enabling environment for teaching-learning processes that must be expected from a contemporary Business and IT colleges.

To ensure the all-around development of students and extend job-oriented practical education Kathmandu BernHardt Secondary School orients students' personalities to suit the desired job profile through sustained exposure to extra-curricular and Personality Development programs. 

Kathmandu BernHardt Secondary School always gives top priority to a safe and positive learning environment with enthusiasm to support each student. This has been proven as the incomparable culture of BernHardt since its inception. Similarly, it highly gives importance to its partnership with the families of students and keeps consistent communication between home and school so as to let them know what is happening while at school.


BernHardt's mission is to educate people to:

  • enhance their knowledge
  • think critically
  • communicate effectively
  • use knowledge respectively and creatively

Message from the Principal

Amrit Babu Bhatta

Welcome to BernHardt!

“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao – Tzu.

I would like to welcome you to this unique and noble institution where lives have been transformed and visions have been nurtured and pursued into fulfilled dreams.

It is my immense pleasure to have joined an impressive line of competent personalities who have had the privilege of heading this highly recognized institution and I must admit the fact that it’s their relentless efforts that made this institution a seat of excellence in the field of education in Nepal. When the founders built the institution brick by brick, they envisaged developing its own value, culture, ethos, and traditions because of which everyone associated with this esteemed institution has received clear direction in their actions and functions, especially students on their path to developing themselves as complete human beings.

The vision of this institution is to nurture lifelong learners and global thinkers to become responsible citizens with leadership qualities and universal values while instilling pride in one’s cultural identity. I see this vision come alive in all classrooms through our dedicated teaching faculties and the many activities that are available to our children.

This institution has crossed a landmark of completing 22 years of excellence in education. We are committed to preparing skilled, knowledgeable, holistically developed personalities who continue to inspire our future generations and make us proud with their commendable contribution to the nation and the world.

Everybody is noticing that time changes very fast due to information technology and globalization, which makes the formal teaching-learning process more challenging and wider. The degree of social problems such as families and homes challenged by various means, single parents, busy parents, too much disposable money with children and too little quality time with parents, neglected childhood, and identity crises are increasing day by day. Now, in this different scenario and challenges, the conventional way of teaching and learning process is not sufficient enough to cope with these problems and proceed with positive force. So, the role of teachers and parents has changed. Responsible parenting and effective teaching are essential for the growth and development of children. Teachers and parents are required to be more interactive, cooperative, vigilant, and informative.

Adolescence is a dynamic phase characterized by frequent changes from moment to moment. We must adopt a positive approach to bringing up children, constantly updating our views, attitude, and information. Dealing with young students we have to be alert, firm, and caring but nurture them with love and affection. Professionally, we will take the challenge of imparting education to your wards in the right direction with the support of every stakeholder.

I strongly believe that desire and determination go hand in hand to attain excellence and accomplish goals. Determined people with a ‘can do attitude are unstoppable and this is the secret to our success.

On behalf of Kathmandu BernHardt Secondary School/College, I wish you the very best in your educational, personal and professional development.

“Do not worry that children never listen to you, worry that they are always watching you.”

Thanking you all

Amrit Babu Bhatta