Shree Amar Singh Model Secondary School

Ramghat-12, Pokhara, kaski, Pokhara, Kaski

Amar Singh Model Secondary School is one of the most sought-after educational institutions in the nation. The Central Coordination Board of the Government of India established it on 13 Chaitra 2013 B.S. using the "Post War (First and Second World Wars) Reconstruction Fund." The school now serves as a secondary and higher secondary education hub.


The school currently offers a +2 Science stream during the day and a +2 Humanities, Management, and Education stream in the morning. Thousands of students have graduated from this institution, and among them are some who are pursuing further education in Medicine, Engineering, Chartered Accountancy, and other fields, or who have been placed in positions of responsibility where they are making a significant contribution to society.

These are only a few of the center's noteworthy accomplishments, which came about as a result of excellent management, the commitment of highly qualified teaching staff, excellent infrastructure, and the tenacity of committed students. The school is eager to advance in every way despite realizing that it still has a long way to go.

NEB Nepal has appropriately acknowledged the school's academic excellence. This institution was selected in 2061 B.S. as a Western Development Region "Model Secondary School." This institution was recognized as the Western Development Region's "Best Community Higher Secondary School" in 2062, 2064, and 2065 B.S., as well as Nepal's "Best Community Secondary School" in 2063 B.S.

Salient Features

  • The school uses a variety of teaching methods, including questioning, elaborating, modeling, and demonstrating, and uses a flexible approach that takes into account different learning styles. 
  • The school has a number of well-equipped labs for physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, and computer science. 
  • AMHSS takes great pride in its library, which is a vital part of the institution's outstanding educational mission.

Admission Guidelines

Students who have successfully completed the SEE are eligible to apply for admission to Class XI (Science, Management, Humanities, or Education). The applications must be submitted on time, in full, using the application forms available at the school office. The school must administer an entrance exam to all applicants, along with an interview, before the entrance exam. On the basis of the results from the SEE, the entrance exam, and the interview, students are admitted based on merit.


School Provides a wide range of scholarships to deserving students who fulfill the given criteria; however an admitted student can receive only one type of scholarship:

  • SLC Score Scholarship
  • Entrance Exam Scholarship
  • HSEB Exam Scholarship
  • Scholarship for the Handicapped
  • Students Welfare Fund Scholarship
  • Term Exam Scholarship
  • Dalit Scholarship