Urgent notice about aawasiya Scholarship from HSEB

2015-06-18 - 2015-08-17

Plus two Scholarships

Higher Secondary Education Board has published a notice regarding aawasiya scholarships for the academic year 2072/073 under Student Scholarship Bank.

Students who have passed School Leaving Certificate (SLC) regularly from a community school are entitled to get this scholarship.

District topper students of the community school (of the Category "KA" according to Public Service Act) will get Free Aawasiya Scholarships by the collaboration of HSEB and HISSAN.

Students have to get  the certificate of District Topper from District Education Officer and apply to HSEB  affiliation directorate. 

HISSAN is requested to reserve the seats for in the institutional schools having Hostel capacity for the students who will be sent from HSEB under aawasiya scholarships.  

Updated: Application deadline: 2072  Sharwan last

aawasiya scholarships.jpg

hseb aawasiya scholarships.jpg