Scholarships to study Clinical Medicine and Engineering by Ministry of Health and Population

2014-04-05 - 2014-04-05

Government of Nepal
Ministry of Health and Population
Notice regarding Scholarships
Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population received Scholarships from Government of People Republic of China to study following mentioned subjects in Masters level.  This is notify to all the permanent staffs of Health Ministry and those who are working under Health Ministry and who meet the eligiblity criteria to apply for their subject of interest within 15 days of publishing of this scholarship notice. Scholarships will be distributed on the basis of Health Acts and Niyamawali. 
Age bar: Must be below 45 years of age.
Other eligibility: For the health services, employee must have worked atleast one in in the remotest area, and 2 years in the remote area. 
Masters programme of Electronocis and Information Engineering (MME)
  1. Program duration: 2 years
  2. For officer level staffs working in Information and Technology subjects
Masters programme of Clinical Medicine (MCM)
  1. Program duration: 3 years
  2. For Public employee working in KA and Kha districts