Rastriya Banijya Bank (RBB) Golden Jubilee Scholarships

2018-01-26 - 2018-02-26

Bachelors Level Scholarships

National Scholarships

Plus two Scholarships

Rastriya Banijya Bank (RBB) announces Golden Jubilee Scholarships-2074. Students representing endangered and highly marginalized indigenous populations (Kusunda, Bankariya, Surel, Hayu, Raji, Kisan, Lepcha, Meche and Kuswadiya) can apply for this scholarships program.

Scholarships amount:

  1. For Certificate Level: Rs. 3500 per month for whole study period 
  2. For Bachelor Level: Rs. 5000 per month for while study period


  1. For Certificate level: Passed SLC from Nepal and currently enrolled and studying grade 11.
  2. For Bachelor level: Currently enrolled and studying Bachelor level first year.

For more information regarding the process, documents required and other important information, please read the notice below and/or download the attachments (PDF) files.

Email address: [email protected]


RBB Scholarship_Application_Form.pdf

RBB Scholarships procedure.pdf