Ministry of Health and Population Nepal announced scholarships notice for various programs

2014-04-05 - 2014-04-05

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population announced scholarships notice for various scholarships provided by government of Thailand.

All the permanent government officials who have not exceeded the age of 45 years and are working under Ministry of Health and Population are requested to apply within 15 days of initial publishing of this notice.
Documents to be submitted

1.       Permanent appointment letter

2.       Transfer letter or ramana letter (photocopies)

3.       Academic certificates

4.       Hurik and PIS information

The candidates must have worked at least a year in a very remote place and at least 2 years in a remote place according to Health Service Acts of Nepal. Applications received after the due dates and not meeting the above qualifications will not be entertained.

Scholarships notice for various Health Science programs from Ministry of Health and Population  Nepal

1.       Diploma Degree in Dermatology and Dermatosurgery: 1 year

2.       Master of Science in Pharmacy program Mahidol University: years

3.       Master of Public health program Mahidol University: 13 months

4.       Master of Primary Health Care Mnagement, Mahidol University: 1 year

5.       Master of Nursing Science (International Ching Mai University): 2 years

6.       Doctoral Program in Development Administration: Policy and Management: 3 years

7.       Doctoral program in Development Administration: Development Management: 3 years

Note: The last selection of the nominated candidates will be done by the University.