Ministry of Health and Population announces Scholarships for Master's and PhD

2014-04-05 - 2014-04-05

Government of Nepal
Ministry of Health and Population

Notice regarding Scholarships

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population received Scholarships from World Health Organization (WHO) to study following mentioned subjects in Masters and PhD level  in College of Public Health Sciences (CPHS) Chulalongkom University, Bangkok, Thailand.  This is notify to all the permanent staffs of Health Ministry and those who are working under Health Ministry and who meet the eligiblity criteria to apply for their subject of interest. Scholarships will be distributed on the basis of Health Acts and Niyamawali. 


  1. Public Health and Management
  2. Community and Reproductive Health
  3. Urban and Global Health
  4. Environmental and Occupational Health
  5. Health Behaviour
  6. Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicines
  7. Biomolecular Technology
Admission deadline:
  1. 1st 30 April
  2. 2nd 31 August 2013
Program First Second
Master degree program 7 May 2013 9 Sept 2013
Doctoral degree program 8 May 2013 9 Sept 2013
Orientation Program 2nd Trimester
23-25 Sept 2013
Open Trimester 3 June 2013 1 October 2013
If the students be able to get admission in the university, Health and Population ministry will nominate the candidate and will given Scholarships from World Health Organisation.
To apply visit this website: