Invitation of Research Proposal For Faculty/Institutional Research Grants

2014-04-05 - 2014-04-05

University Grant Commission
Second Higher Education Project (SHEP)

UGC, Research Funding Program aims to enhance research capacity of higher education institutions as well as faculty members and promote research based teaching learning in order to inculcate research based culture. In this line UGC invites research proposals together with duly filled grant application forms from eligible faculties for Faculty/Institutional Research Grants Award 2011/2012.
In order to rationalize existing resources available for funding research activities, thematic preference has, however, been given to the priority sector identified by the Interim Three Year Plan and the Millennium Development Goal.
Interested faculties/institutions fulfilling the following requirements may apply for the Research Grants:
Faculty Research Grant:

  1. ‘Principal Researcher’ (Team Leader in case of group works) must be a full time faculty member of one of the Universities/Campuses in Nepal..
  2. The Principal Researcher’ should possess high level of academic excellence.
  3. There should be provision for the involvement of at least one faculty member and one young graduate from his/her institution in the research team.
  4. Recommendation of support letter from the respective institution.
  5. Representation of women, dalits and the members of the disadvantaged groups in the research teams would be regarded as an important indicator of the evaluation of the research proposals.

 Institutional Research Grant:

  1. Departments/ Campuses/ Research Centers of the universities in Nepal can apply for Institutional Research Grants.
  2. The ‘Team Leader’ assigned by the Departments/ Campuses/ Research Centers must be a permanent full time faculty member of the respective institution.
  3. The team should comprise of at least five members (two faculty members and two young graduates) including the ‘Team Leader’.
  4. Research works proposing collaboration with industry, development agencies or other relevant organizations; relevant and significant to teaching learning programs of the universities, and important contribution to knowledge development will be given preference
  5. Participation of young faculties, women, dalits and the members of the disadvantaged groups in the research teams is encouraged.

Other Provisions and Requirements:

  1. All the researchers must be Nepali citizen.
  2. UGC Board Members, members of Research Council, Evaluation Committee, Cluster Committee and UGC employees are not eligible to apply.
  3. Persons who have been currently enjoying fellowships/ research default_scholarship from UGC are not eligible to apply.
  4. One person can participate in only one proposal to be submitted.
  5. In case of dispute, final decision will be made by Research Council.

Funding and Time Limit:

  1. In case of Faculty Research, the grant is equivalent up to Rs 200,000 (Two hundred thousand rupees) and the duration of the study will be between 1-1.5 years.
  2. The funding limit of the Institutional Research grant is up to Rs 1,000,000 (One million rupees) and duration will be between 1.5-2 years.

Note: Research Grants award is non-transferable to any other researchers.
Documents to be submitted: The application must be submitted in UGC form format 4A (Institutional research grant) and 4B (Faculty research grant) available from UGC Research Division, or can be downloaded from UGC website:

  1. The following necessary documents should be submitted along with the application form:
  2. Application form in UGC format.

Three copies of research proposals (A4 size paper, 12 point font, Times New Roman or equivalent, single line space) along with a CD copy.

Application form and general guidelines can be downloaded from the UGC website. The application along with the detailed proposal must reach UGC by December 15, 2011 (29 Mangshir, 2068). Delays caused by postal service or other mode of delivery will not be entertained.

For further detail please contact:
Research Division, University Grants Commission
Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, Post Box: 10796,
Telephone: 6638548, 6638550, Fax: 6638552
E-mail: [email protected],