IME-Global IME Aakanshya Scholarship

2015-08-01 - 2015-08-17

Plus two Scholarships

IME-Global IME Akanshya Scholarship is a scholarship fund established by IME Ltd. and Global IME Bank Ltd. in collaboration with Higher Secondary Schools' Association of Nepal (HISSAN) and Private and Boarding Schools' Organization, Nepal (PABSON). The purpose of the Scholarship Fund is to provide scholarship to financially deprived yet deserving students from grade I to XI with priority to girls and indigenous groups from across Nepal at their respective PABSON and HISSAN affiliated educational institutions. Students from educational institutions other than the affiliation of HISSAN and PABSON would also be eligible for the Scholarship.

Scholarship Fund Value :

The Scholarship Fund will be total worth Rs. 1 Million per year; in which IME and Global IME Bank will contribute up to Rs. 1 Million per year to the Scholarship Fund to support the students in educational institutions under the affiliation of PABSON/HISSAN as well as educational institutions not affiliated to PABSON/HISSAN. PABSON and HISSAN will contribute to the extent of 25% of the total fund in form of fee waivers/concessions to the selected students at the respective educational institutions under their affiliation. We aim to provide scholarship to 100 deserving students on annual basis.


  1. Students from any part of Nepal studying in Grade 1 to Grade 11 are eligible to apply for the scholarship
  2. Scholarship is in effect from Ashad 20, 2072 inviting applications from students through national media. Deadline for application submission is Shrawan 32, 2072.
  3. Interested students need to fill up the standard scholarship application form available either at IME Centers/IME Private Agent outlets/GIBL branch locations or at IME/GIBL corporate websites.
  4. Students can drop the application forms at the nearest IME agent outlet/GIBL branches or send the electronic copy directly to email address [email protected] Application form should accompany the students' last two years' academic certificate and recommendation letter from their respective School/College principal.
  5. All scholarship forms will be screened by the scholarship selection sub-committee under the Scholarship Fund Committee comprising of high-level officials from IME, Global IME Bank, HISSAN and PABSON including seasoned educationists and academicians.
  6. The decision regarding the selection of students and awarding of the scholarship will be rested upon the scholarship committee.
  7. Following selection of students, agreement will be done with the selected students or their guardians.
  8. The payment of scholarship amount and review of the academic merit of selected students will be done bi-annually.

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