Faculty Research Grant (for faculty members) by University Grant Commission (UGC), Nepal

2018-01-23 - 2018-02-07

Research Grant


Qualification of Investigators

Principal Investigator (PI)

Co-Investigator (Co-I)

  • Collaboration of at least 2 Faculty Members (1 PI
  • Collaboration could be intra- or inter- departmental,   inter-campus/university
  • Project period: 2 years
  • Commitment to supervise and fund: at least 2 Masters or 3 Bachelor theses

+ 1 Co-I)




  • Nepali citizen
  • Full time Faculty for two years
  • Masters Degree with Thesis
  • One original research article published in a peer- reviewed journal
  • Full time Faculty for 1 year
  • Masters Degree with Thesis***
  • One original research article published in a peer-reviewed journal or at least 3-5 days of training in research methodology


* For certain subjects or areas of Humanities and Social Sciences cluster, which do not have Indexed/Ranked journal, publications in non-indexed peer-reviewed journals are accepted

** The first author and the corresponding author are regarded as the major authors. Any other author who has made a major contribution in the research, as indicated in the contribution disclosure in the article, might also claim as a major author.

*** for the faculty members from the Community Campuses or Campuses in the remote districts, Masters thesis requirement is waived if she/he has received at least 3 days training in Research Methodology.

Download Application Form 

Selected Application Forms - UGC Research Grants 2074-75.docx

For detail information and instructions download this file:

Detailed Notice - Call for Applications for UGC Research Grants 2074-75.pdf