Top Ten Hotel Management (BHM) Colleges of Nepal (New Business Age)-2018

July 10, 2018
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Hospitality Industry is one of the largest and the fastest growing industry of the world. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, one in 11 jobs in the world.  Due to various reasons like job security, an exciting work environment, and employment opportunities, hospitality courses are one of the most sought out courses in the world. 

Nepal is not an exception to this global scenario. The number of tourists in Nepal is increasing each year. The government of Nepal has the aimed to bring two million tourists each year by 2020. Similarly, the government has planned to organize ‘Visit Nepal Year’ in 2020 to attract more tourists to the country. Different hospitality courses have been introduced in Nepal to build the necessary human capital required for this sector. 

Shivanath Pandey, CEO of Surya Life Insurance and John Rodrigues, country manager-Nepal of Oman Air presenting award to Surya Kiran Shrestha, deputy head of department and program coordinator (BHM) of Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM) for Best BHM B-school

New Business Age Pvt Ltd which runs monthly business magazine "New Business Age" and daily business magazine "Abhiyan National Daily" have recently conducted a ranking of the colleges which are offering BHM programs in Nepal either via National or International affiliation. Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM) stood first in the ranking among the participating colleges.

Award Criteria

  1. Age of College (Based on year of programme commencement)
  2. VMO statement and its Internalization/Practices
  3. Academic Publications (Journal/research activities through various media)
  4. Job Placement Opportunities/Student Skill Assessment
  5. Exposure to Real Life Business through Visits/Guest Lectures/Internship
  6. Business Incubation/Skill Development Programmer (Number of programmes)
  7. Student Initiated Learning and Development Activities
  8. Graduate Achievements (Employment, business and further study)
  9. College Brand Image/Reputation (Jury Judgement)
  10. Infrastructure (Building and logistics)
  11. Quality of Faculties (Full-time faculty)
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