Top Ten BBS Colleges of Nepal (New Business Age)-2018

July 10, 2018

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) is a 4 years program run byTribhuvan University. BBS program of Tribhuvan University aims to equip students with the required conceptual knowledge of business and administration to develop a general management perspective in them. 

Other major objectives of this program are developing  required attitudes, abilities and practical skill in students and encouraging entrepreneurial capabilities in students. 

Currently 653 business schools (affiliated, community and constituent) offers BBS program in Nepal.

Chandra Singh Saud, CEO of NEPSE and Satish More, senior vice president of Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) presenting award to Anil Kedia, chairman of DAV College of Management for Best BBS B-school.

This ranking was done by New Business Age pvt ltd which runs monthly business magazine "New Business Age" and daily business magazine "Abhiyan National Daily".

Award Criteria

  1. Age of College (Based on year of programme commencement)
  2. VMO statement and its Internalization/Practices
  3. Academic Publications (Journal/research activities through various media)
  4. Job Placement Opportunities/Student Skill Assessment
  5. Exposure to Real Life Business through Visits/Guest Lectures/Internship
  6. Business Incubation/Skill Development Programmer (Number of programmes)
  7. Student Initiated Learning and Development Activities
  8. Graduate Achievements (Employment, business and further study)
  9. College Brand Image/Reputation (Jury Judgement)
  10. Infrastructure (Building and logistics)
  11. Quality of Faculties (Full-time faculty)
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