Ranking of Pokhara University affiliated Colleges

June 17, 2015
Last updated February 16, 2022

Scientific ranking of colleges in Nepal has not been started yet. Few Nepalese national newspapers every year publish the ranks of some particular category of colleges, but the ranks differ between publication houses. So at edusanjal, we are coming up with a new and innovative way of ranking colleges. For this, we are starting with the size of the colleges (number of students currently enrolled in a particular college).

The number of students is also dependent on the number of programs particular colleges offer. If we see the trends of student enrollment, we can see which college is doing well and which college is going to collapse soon.

Here goes the list of Biggest to Smallest sized colleges of Nepal affiliated to Pokhara University.

Note: Please remember that this ranking is only about size; not the twenty best colleges of Pokhara University. There are some colleges that are offering only one program (like BBA) so the overall student size is less but has exceptional performance.

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