Second Graders Library Culmination: Aksharaa School

March 27, 2023
Second Graders Library Culmination: Aksharaa School

The conclusion of the Library Project was an enjoyable experience for the second-graders of Aksharaa School. Within their own classrooms, the students were able to explore the wonders of the library,  They learned about the rich history of libraries through a timeline, immersed themselves into the world of their favorite authors. and gained knowledge on the similarities and differences between a library and a bookstore. 

A cozy reading corner was created for the event where people were able to get lost into a good book. The students were also able to display their responsibility skills through the check out and check in system. A genre tree was used to map out the reading interests of the students.

Also on display was the writing skills of the students as they had created their own personal narratives and fictional stories. One of the main attractions was the puppet show where the stories were brought to life.

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