Youth Today campaign starts from today



'Youth Today’ Campaign has started from today in Lalitpur with obective to deliberate on the problems among the youths,  and get them involved in the creative field by solving the prevalent problems.

The program has been formally started by the organization named Dayitwa. Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Gokarna Bista has said that the programs like this will help the government in identifying the actual problems of the youngsters. He assured that government will heed to the issues brought forward by the campaign.

People relating to different industries and business had interacted on the issues of opportunity, challenges and problems in the way of youths

Chairman of the Federation of Nepal Cottage and Small Industries Shyam Giri said that if many of the closed and dormant industries could be revived, a large portion of the youth would get employment in the country.

Managerial Director of the Nimbus Holding Pvt. Ltd.,  Ananda bagariya, Jasmin Rajbhandari of World Bank, Assistant secretary of Labour Ministry Sujan Jojiju and founder of Tewa organization Rita Thapa had expressed their opinions on the issues of the youths of the country. Meanwhile in the program, Executive director of the organization Dayitwa Dr. Pukar Malla informed that many industries and organizations had kept their products on the exhibition