Who are helping to reinstate Earthquake affected schools of Nepal?



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According to latest data released by Department of Education, Ministry of Education, Nepal around 6500 schools has been hit by the Mega Quake of April 25 and May 12 and more than 15 thousands class rooms has been reported major damage.

In Nepal there are currently around 19 thousands schools out of which more than 33% reported damage. 

According to UN report said,   “nearly 1 million children of Nepal are unable to return to school   and the emergency flash appeal for education has received only 1.3 percent of the needed funding. 

May organisation has shown commitment to help to Government of Nepal or has been working individually/with collaboration with communities to reinstate those affected schools.  Here is the list of such organization and their commitment regarding building quake affected schools of Nepal. 

A. Plan International: 

Plan International is building at least 100 temporary  school in  coming weeks. “Each temporary school will have two classrooms and can accommodate up to 120 students, helping up to 12,000 children .

According to Mattias Bryneson, Plan Nepal Country Director , they are interested to work with communities in the future to build permanent schools following immediate relief operations.

Note: If you are contributing to rebuild the quake affected schools of Nepal, please let us know in our email (info@edusanjal.com, or edusanjal@gmail.com), we will be grateful to cover your story here)