Vocational training to Badi women for transformation of lives



Nalgad municipality has come up with a plan to transform the lives of nomadic Badi community people who have been eking out their daily lives on fishing. The municipality's plan is focused on getting the nomadic people changed their fishing occupation and explore different alternatives for sustaining livelihood. 

Tek Bahadur Rawal, mayor of Nalgad municipality, said the local government is lending support to the Badi community to become independent by adopting entrepreneurship. Badi people have been residing in the makeshifts on the banks of Nalgad River in Dalli and sustaining their family livelihood on fishing. 

He shared that the municipality has recently imparted a month-long training to the Badi community people. With this the nomadic people are switching off their fishing occupation to clothes sewing and bag manufacturing. It has oriented them to the journey of independence. 

Local women who have been on the banks of river with hooks and nets for fishing now are busy with manufacturing clothes and bags. Nirmala Badi, a local woman of Nalgad municipality-7, said, "We are gradually aware of learning skills and becoming independent". She added that they were heading to a way to become independent after attending skill-based training offered by the municipality and Small and Cottage Industry Development Committee. 

Similarly, Laxmai Badi, nowadays, has been involved in knitting clothes and also has engaged his mother in the new profession. The municipality and the committee have provided technical training to 10 Badi households. The trained Badi women now have initiated new business undertaking. "We were compelled to engage in river banks for fishing for not livelihood alternatives. We turned to be sad when the municipality had banned fishing in the river since mid-April. But, later, we were trained for haunting livelihood opportunities. It has changed our mindset and also transformed lives through engagement in other skilled works", narrated Tile Badi, leader of Badi community. 

The municipality also has pledged to impart training on manufacturing disappearing musical instrument 'Madal'