Visiting tourists donate money for poor students' scholarships



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Ratnanagar (Chitwan), April 23 (RSS): The children from Bote and Mahji communities at the squatters' settlement of Pandavnagar, Madi in southern Chitwan have been extended Rs 240,000 worth of scholarships.  

Lions Club of Chitwan Sauraha took the initiative in providing the scholarship for the students coming from the economically backward communities from money donated by US citizens on a visit to Nepal.

Lion Club of Chitwan Sauraha's Chair Arun Rijal said David Kins, Richard, Bob, Steve and the John couple donated the amount for scholarships. They also donated stationery to more than 30 students. 

Meanwhile, Chitwan Society Japan on Sunday extended Rs 40,000 in support for a patient undergoing treatment at the Bharatpur – based Cancer Hospital. The amount was handed over to Akriti Thapa.