Vandalism in Mid-Western University, Office of the Registrar



Mid- Western University Registrar's office, Surkhet has been vandalized. Demanding an autonomous Engineering faculty,  faculty of engineering, student committee on Friday damaged the Registrar office. 

Students studying in University padlocked the Registrar’s office demanding Engineering studies with practical classes.  Students have been in protest for past 12 days. One of the members of Action committee told that without the permission of the committee, the school administrative opened the lock. 

The students of Engineering have been demanding autonomous engineering faculty, full course curriculum in hydro-engineering, inclusive golden chance examination, implementation of proper practical classes, the full scholarship to 10% of total students along with the availability of sufficient books in the library.

Three students have been injured while controlling vandalism by police.  In addition, two windows of the building have been broken because of vandalism. College administration and students are now under negotiation. 

Source: Setopati