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Valley-level Model Parliament Program Held

April 03, 2022
KMC Lalitpur

The model parliament program was organized by Triton International College in Kathmandu in collaboration with Naya Yuva Naya Soch in Nepal to train people enrolled in law at the secondary level in various colleges throughout the Kathmandu Valley in federal parliamentary practice and to provide participants with practical experience by assigning various management and executive responsibilities. The program was held at the meeting hall of Shubhashree College of Management in New Baneswor, Kathmandu, on Chaitra 18 and 19.As part of the program, on Chaitra 18, trainer Binod Khatri coached 87 participants from 27 colleges. According to Ritu Neupane, COO of Triton College, the model parliament held on Chaitra 19 gathered 71 students from 20 colleges. Rachna Khadka, a member of the Bagmati Province Assembly and former Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning, was the program's chief guest. Speaking at the event, she stated that such programs are necessary, important, and highly timely in the present era and that they should be organized at the school, city, state, and national levels.According to Mukunda Deep Madaika, Naya Yuwa Naya Soch Central Chairman, three categories of prizes were given: best debater Yuvraj Khadka from Adarsh Janapremi College, outstanding researcher Dina Karki from Triton International College, and best leader Dipesh Yadav from Triton International College.

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