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Update 6th April 2015: Teacher Service Commission announced vacancies for permanent teacher of Secondary and Lower secondary level. 

The process of filling vacant positions of around 7,000 permanent teachers in community schools has been in limbo, thanks to delay in amending the Education Act. 

The Teachers Service Commission, a government body to hire permanent teachers, has already collected data from different parts of the country to ascertain how many positions for permanent teachers are vacant, but the delay in amending the Education Act resulted in delay in opening applications. 

TSC Chairperson Udaya Raj Soti said all the preparations for announcing new vacancy have been completed and that TSC is waiting for an amendment to the Education.

“As per our date, there are 6,700 vacant positions for teachers for all the levels — primary, lower secondary and secondary — in 75 districts. We are waiting for permission from the Ministry of Education to announce vacancy,” Soti said.

TSC last year announced vacancy for around 13,000 teachers in permanent positions. More than 12,000 teachers have already been hired in different schools.

“TSC does not need the consent of the Ministry of Education to announce vacancy for permanent positions of teachers through open competition, but this time we also want to address the issues of temporary teachers, we need an amended Education Act,” he said.

Soti said TSC was planning to announce vacancy for fresh teachers through open competition. For temporary teachers, who have been protesting for long, TSC plans to make them permanent through internal competition, said Soti, adding, “For this, the Education Act needs to be amended first.”

According to an official at MoE, temporary teachers have been calling for internal competition among them by allocating certain quotas but the ministry was yet to decide on the number of quotas. “So the process to amend the Education Act has been stuck,” the official said. 

Temporary teachers are demanding 50 per cent quota for open competition and 50 per cent for internal competition. Hari Lamsal, Spokesperson, MoE, said all other issues regarding amendment to the Education Act have been greed upon, save the matters related to temporary teachers. 

“Giving permanent status to temporary teachers is the main problem to begin the process of amending the Education Act,” he said.

Act amendment process to start soon

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has assured temporary teachers that the process to amend the Education Act will start withing a week, said Narayan Gautam, Secretary, Temporary Teachers Central Struggle Committee. “The prime minister during a meeting with TTCSC on Sunday assured that the process will start within a week,” he said. “If the process does not start, we will be forced to launch stern protests.” There are around 20,000 temporary teachers across the country.

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