UK get tough on student visas


Himalayan News Service

KAYTHMANDU: In a bid to cut abuse of the student visa route and ensure only the brightest and the best students can stay and work in the United Kingdom, UK has announced new visa policy to foreign students studying in UK which will come into effect from 6 April, on Monday.

According to a press statement issued by the British Embassy in Kathmandu today, with the enforcement of new rule, the current Post Study Work route, which allows students to work in the UK for two years after their studies have finished, will close.

“It is vital that we continue to attract the brightest and the best international students but we have to be more selective about who can come here and how long they can stay,” said Immigration Minister Damian Green while announcing the plan.

However, talented international students graduating from a university will still have the opportunity to stay on in the UK, but from 6 April they will need a skilled job offer from a reputable employer accredited by the UK Border Agency with a salary of £20,000 or more.

“The changes are introduced as a part of the student visa system reforms to attract the brightest and best while cutting down on abuse,” reads the statement.

(Source: THT Online)