Two community schools of Butwal merge willingly



The education law of Nepal states that two community schools are to be merged when one or both of the schools are in the verge of closing due to lack of students and/or infrastructure provided that the schools are near to each other or sharing the neighborhood.

Kalika Secondary School and Man Bigyan School of Butwal have merged owing to the high number of students in the Kalika School and very low number of students in the Man BIgyan School of Butwal. Administration staff of both the schools had gladly agreed and applied to the sub metropolitan Municipality Butwal for the merging process. The meeting held on 06 Chaitra had approved on the applications and merged the schools. Principals of the schools hope the development of the Man Bigyan School to prosper as of Kalika School from the merging. They had willingly decided upon merging and filed application to the municipality.

The chairman of Management committee of Man Bigyan School, Sita Kaucha stated that the discussions were held from very early. Kalika School is good in students number and Man Bigyan School in infrastructure. However, the

Currently there are 4 thousand 3 hundred and 64 students whereas only 1 hundred and 50 in Man Bigyan. There are 1 hundred and 83 teachers in the former and only 28 in the latter. After the merging, the property will be named as the commom property of the Kalika-Man Bigyan School.

(Source: Kantipur)