TU will not comply the government on the dean appointment in IOM



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Vice-chancellor of Tribhuvan University, Tritha Raj Khaniya has insisted that they would not agree on the appointment of the dean as per the choice of the government. The government has instructed IOM to let Dr, Jagdish Agrawal continue as Dean of IOM in the second point of the agreement made in between Government and Dr. Govind KC.

VC Khaniya urges that they are ready to obey on the policy and regulations instructed but are not obliged to follow on the instruction regarding a particular person.

He also states that there are already 4 assistant deans in IOM and it is unnecessary for the Agrawal to take over the position so soon. He adds that if the supreme court gives them the order, they will have to comply but right now the instruction by the government cannot be obeyed. 

(Source: Naya Patrika)