TU publishes notice for its employees to submit property details



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Tribhuvan University, Office of the Registrar issued a notice today for all of the bodies under the University to submit the property details by entering in the property detail online software.

It is a well known fact that the property details should be submitted within the 6o days of the commencement of the fiscal year by entering the data in the online software prepared by the National Vigilance Center. The records of those who have submitted on time, late or not submitted at all should be kept and given by the respective organization itself. The co-ordination for this is being done by the Administration Division of the Tribhuvan University. The username and passwords for submission were provided last year and told to contact the office immediately in case of having no username. The Office of the registrar is requested to submit the property details to the Education Ministry by Bhadra 20 due to large volume of data and load in the server, unlike of last year when the submissions were due by 28th of Bhadra.

Details of the notice: https://goo.gl/iCM56n