​TU published the results of MA Second Year Nepali, Geography, Psychology 2073 Back



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Tribhuvan University published the results of MA Second Year 2073 Back. The reults of MA Nepali, MA Psychology and MA Geography were published today.

Students can view their results online in tu.edusanjal.com and colleges can view results of their students after login in tu.edusanjal.com/college.

The statistics of the results are:

MA Nepali 2073 Back

 Total number of Students:165

Passed: 102

Failed Partially Absent: 23

Failed: 8

Expelled: 1

Absent: 30

Result Withheld: 1

MA Geography

Total number of students: 10

Passed: 9 

Failed Partially Absent: 1

MA Psychology

Total number of students: 25


Fail: 5

Absent: 4

Failed Partially Absent: 1