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TU Employees Threaten Convocation Cancellation in Ultimatum Over Unmet Demands

December 06, 2023
TU Employees Threaten Convocation Cancellation in Ultimatum Over Unmet Demands

The employees of Tribhuvan University have issued a stern warning, stating that they will halt the Convocation ceremony if their longstanding 45-point demands are not promptly addressed. The ultimatum was delivered through an official statement by the Tribhuvan University Staff Union.

The statement, issued on Tuesday, outlined the employees' frustrations, citing the lack of concrete decisions within the past year to fulfill their demands. The staff union emphasized the need for the full implementation of past agreements and the restoration of facilities that have been lost over time.

"If there is no concrete decision within three days to ensure the full implementation of the past agreements and the continued acquisition of the lost facilities, the administrative work and academic programs in all bodies of the University will be completely stopped, and the convocation ceremony of the University will be affected," warned the staff union.

The union has been steadfast in its demand for the implementation of a 45-point agenda presented the previous year. Chhatra Bahadur Karki, the central president of the University Staff Union, took the initiative to address these demands by submitting a memorandum to Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Shivlal Bhusal on Monday.

The employees' grievances encompass a range of issues, and their unified stance reflects a deep-rooted concern for the fulfillment of their rights and working conditions. As the three-day deadline looms, the university administration is now under pressure to engage in meaningful dialogue and find resolutions to prevent the disruption of administrative functions and academic activities.

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