Tribhuvan University's Education and US Studies


Himalayan News Service

I was so happy when i obtained first division in master's degree in Anthropology from Tribhuvan University (TU). I had scored 61 percent. To get first division in Sociology/ Anthropology is very difficult in Tribhuvan University. So, i was elated to have scored well and felt like i was on the top of the world.

Then, i started to apply for further studies in the US. People suggested that i apply for Master's degree in the US as i had had three year's bachelor's degree. I started the process and took my GRE and TOEFL and obtained moderate marks. I applied to five universities and finally, only one university offered me admission without any financial aid.

I needed to pay more than 50,000 US Dollar to pursue master's degree there. The remaining four universities had rejected my application by saying that i had poor score. An indian student who was academically on the same level as me obtained more than 80% fellowship; but, look to us. We are definitely, "Cursed Students," Since pure science students of Tribhuvan University get higher score, and the US universities and even the counsular section of US embassy of Kathmandu evaluate us with the yardstick of pure science students' score, scores of humanities students do not help at all.

This method of comparison and situation of Tribhuvan University left me with the shortest straw.

(Writher is a former student of Tribhvuan University)

Source: The Kathmandu Post