Tribhuvan University to unveil new calenders


Himalayan News Service

The Tribhuvan University (TU) has planned to make public the academic calendars just before making the announcement of the start of new academic sessions.

Just a day after the unlocking of the padlocked Tribhuvan University (TU), the newly appointed Vice Chancellor (VC) of the university Prof. Dr. Hira Maharjan said that the students from the next academic year would be informed about the date of the examinations and publication of result just prior to getting admission at their respective faculties.

Assuming his office on Wednesday, VC Maharjan said that the date of holding examination and the date of the start of next academic year would be declared in advance. Till date, the TU authority has failed to comply with its academic calendar while holding examinations and publishing results. "We will publish the result after three months of the examination," he said

He assured to effectively implement the academic calendar which would be published by the university during his tenure. All activities of the university, including the financial and administrative activities, will be made transparent, he added.

Emphasizing that the TU will achieve noteworthy academic progress during his four tenure, he said that the permanent affiliation of the TU would be provided to all campuses having temporary affiliation now.

The TU has provided affiliations to 826 campuses across the nation. Campuses having temporary affiliation outnumber the campuses with permanent affiliation. Affiliations provided to some medical colleges are permanent, sources said.

As the tenure of the TU rector and registrar has remained only for two months, he said that that the new rector and registrar would be appointed without the political interference

The long-term and immediate work plans of TU are likely to be introduced soon. According to the VC, the long-term work plan will aim at producing human resources that can compete at international market, implementing the new curriculum, reforming examination system, and implementing new evaluation method.

Likewise, under the immediate work plan, the TU will implement the annual calendar, introduce new code of conducts for the teachers in order to receive their continuous service and providing permanent affiliation to the colleges having temporary affiliation.

Addressing the function, Rector Surya Lal Amataya suggested that the VC Maharjan should work to uplift the TU garnering consensus and collaboration. Registrar Prof. Dr. Bhim Raj Adhikari emphasized on the need for reforms in the education system of the TU so that the quality of education can be enhanced in future.

(Source: The Rising Nepal)