Tribhuvan University launches online system for exam form submission


In a bid to keep abreast with the advancement of technology, the oldest university in the country, Tribhuvan University, has introduced online system for the students to fill up their exam forms. In this newly introduced system, the students of the Bachelors First year’s students can fill up their examination form online. 

According to Exam Controller Pushpa Raj Joshi at the Office of the Exam Controller, all the students currently pursuing their Bachelors First Year studies could fill their forms online. The students could also print the admit card upon filling the form online and take their exams, shared Exam Controller Joshi. 

Likewise, TU is going to introduce the registration slip having the photo of the students. "The new registration slip issued by the TU will have photo of the student unlike in the past,” shared Joshi, adding that the students have to produce the registration slip with photo along with the admit card in the exam. 

Colleges can print mark sheets themselves

The new system has been put in place where the colleges can print out the mark sheets of their students own their own. The system will be enforced from the new academic session, according to Exam Controller Joshi.
Transcripts to wipeout asterisk mark

The TU has also decided wipe out asterisk mark in case of the students failing in any subjects. The TU Academic Council took this decision. Joshi further said the asterisk mark in the transcript would be removed as it would not look appealing in the transcript.