Tribhuvan University to examine its 52 bodies



Kathmandu: Tribhuvan University has investigated the details of land of 52 bodies which was owned by the campus. TU has formed Property collection, conservation and management committee to inquire physical asset. 

The committee do have the right to investigate the physical assets however, presently, it is only investigating the details of land. The committee which was formed in 2073, had submitted the report in 2074. Professor Dr. Khaniya, said that the recommendation mentioned in the report will be implemented soon.  

According to the statistics, TU and under its affiliated campuses has 1478 hector land. It has own 1,31,36,131 sq. m . Among them, it has used only  6,52,903 of the total land. 

Similarly, Public Youth Campus has 11512, Amrit Science Campus- 11414, Sarswati Campus -5157 and Teaching Hospital- 18691, Lalitkala Campus-890 and Tri-Chandra Campus- 1123, Padma Kanya Campus-18979, Shanker Dev Campus- 5675, Ratna Rajya Campus -4066, Nepal Law Campus -3955 and Biswo Bhasa Campus consist of 460 Square meter land. 

It is said that the provision of new plan is being made to protect those land that all the campuses owned by them need to be protected by associated campuses. Under Tribhuvan University, there are 60 constituent campuses and 163 affiliated campuses. Altogether, there are 1123 campuses. Under the University, there are the Central Office, Service Commission, 39 Central Departments, 4 Research Centers, 60 constituent Campuses and 26 other offices along with 129 are currently in an operation. Similarly, campuses are requested to know about the land encroachment and safeguard their respective campuses. 

- Samachar Patra