Tribhuvan University to be smoking free zone



Tribhuvan University is to be announced as the smoking free zone from the upcoming 16th of Chaitra. The Office of the general administration has sent letter to the associated offices, constituent campuses and the faculties under its administration to announce their area as the smoking free zone.

The decision was taken after the application from Namaskar Sah, Mana Bhandari, Hemraj Bhatta and Pratikshya Giri of Banke in  Hello Sarkar program addressing the council of ministers and prime minister .

According to the law of 2068 B.S. , tobacco and related products are not allowed to be consumed or sold and bought in the 100 metres area of any educational institution. However, this law  is not applicable in the University.

The council of ministers and the office of Prime Minister have been relaying the messages related to Tribhuvan University through the online portal of Hello Sarkar to the Central Office of Tribhuvan Unversity.

(Source: Gorkhapatra)