Town Education Act to be brought soon


Bara, Falgun 14: Head of Jitpursimara Sub Metropolitan City, Dr Krishna Paudel, has said that Town Education Law and Procedures will be brought into effect soon for the purpose of improving the quality of education. In the interaction program conducted with all the institutional schools in the Sub-Metropolitan, Dr Krishna Paudel has said that the education committee formed in the city will put forth a new town level education law and procedures within a month, and the educational institutes should move forward according to it.

With an aim to produce efficient manpower by an important change in the education system, Dr Paudel who completed the gathering program of the community schools over one and half months ago has requested the principals of private schools to turn their focus towards being transparent and modest. The education profession was an exemplary work and he said that it should not be taken just as a business, but should be taken as a responsibility towards the society.

In comparison to community schools which had the investment of the government, the quality of education in private schools was much better, and Dr Paudel has said that he was working for the improvement of the quality of education in the community schools too.