Thirty-Five Percent Minimum Requirement in Grade 12 Result-2079

July 29, 2022

National Examination Board, Controller of Examinations, Krishna Prasad Sharma informed that the results of class 12 would be as per the letter grading guidelines.

After the letter grading guidelines of Secondary Education Examination (SEE) 2078 were revised overnight and the results were released, the stakeholders' interest in the method of class 12 results has also increased.

"Nongraded will be mentioned in the certificate of those who do not achieve a minimum of 35 percent," he said, "We have requested the students not to be confused and rumors that the result of Class 12 will be based on the old method like SEE." He said that in the case of the candidates for the old course, there is the same arrangement as before. The results of those who took the exam according to the new course will be published according to the new evaluation system.

After seeing the marks obtained in the SEE answer sheets in Tuesday's board meeting, the board members were very disappointed with the results. While preparing to publish results according to the newly approved letter grading system,  the failure rate was more than 60 percent. In every subject, a minimum of 35 percent in theory and a minimum of 40 percent in practical were made mandatory by the guidelines.

The modification was changed such that it would go into effect as soon as the directive was issued. If the amendment were not made, it would have been implemented in class 10 from 2080. But after the amendment was made on Tuesday,  the guidelines will be implemented by NEB again from 2080.

Controller of Examinations Sharma stated that since the study of students who have completed class 12 is connected with higher education, they cannot go beyond the standard as there is a need for quality. He also announced that the results would be published by mentioning non-graded in the certificate of those who do not get 35 percent.